Hi! Once an address is added, it shows up under "Edit Addresses", and it can be made inactive, but it's not possible to edit it.

Thank you! It's wonderful that this site is back! <3

Hello cecilia1982!

I should probably change the wording a little to make it clearer.

It's deliberately not possible to edit addresses, to ensure that the link between an in-progress "send" and its destination is not broken.

Thank you for being here! ❤️

Thank you for the reply and the explanation, you're right, it's not very clear. So if we need to change the address we entered, the only choice is to make it inactive, and enter a new one? And could you explain the difference between inactive and archived addresses? I see that archived ones are no longer shown to other users, but what about inactive ones? Thanks again!!!

Archived is basically "delete". Mark the address as no longer in use, ever.

Active and Inactive allows you to swap between 2 (or more) addresses, for those mobile S2'ers ✈️. Only one address (and country) will ever be shown to other users - whichever one is marked Active.

Got it! Thank you!

I've added a little ℹ️ help popup to the address section and changed the wording to make it clearer - hope this helps!

The help popup is really useful, thank you!

Can you also edit the email-address?