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Welcome to the new home of SendSomething.net! Please bear with us in this Beta stage of the launch. We encourage you to kick the tires and get a feel for the features we've built into this 3rd iteration of the beloved S2 community.

Please note that you will need to create a new login for this version of the site; logins and profiles from the prior version are lost.

SendSomething.net is an online database of addresses and interests of people we like to call Mail Enthusiasts. Adding your name and address and supplying a list of things that interest you gives other Mail Enthusiasts the information they need to send postcards, letters, or packages - bought, found, or handmade - to appreciative recipients.

Mail Enthusiasts believe that there is something special and distinctly personal about handwritten, pen and ink, interesting "snail mail", and SendSomething.net is the place on the interwebs for making these connections. A simple user interface, powerful search, and password security combine to make a unique and safe experience for senders and recipients alike.

Join us and find new friends to SendSomething to!

Site news

Sort your Send List!


Hello all 👋

I've improved the "sends list" page, you can now sort by the created, send and confirmed columns by clicking the column headers. Hopefully this should make things a little easier to manage.

I'll be enhancing this further and giving other pages the same treatment soon!

Please let me know if you spot any problems 🙏

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