Hi! The "Last seen" bit in profiles, where it used to show last login day/time info, is now blank. I apologise in advance if this isn't a bug - I've just noticed it and thought I'd mention it, just in case! Thanks!!! :)

Hi cecilia1982, I think you're right - I'll take a look!

The 🐛 has been 💥

Wow, that was fast! Thank you! And I appreciate that the fix keeps people's sign in time and date private, while still letting others know if they are active. Thank you again!

Yes - that was my intent 😄

It probably still needs some fine-tuning to get the mix between usefulness and privacy, but we can iterate on that.

Thanks for the bug report!

Hey TardisX, can you put an info field somewhere of what recently means in weeks or months? And will there be another time span between recently and never?

It's currently:

  • "today" (last 24h)
  • "recently" (less than one month)
  • "a while ago" (more than that)

But - subject to change 😄