Hi. Another bug. I've tested this several times and get the same result. I'm running Google Chrome on Microsoft 11.

So, if I hit random profile, I get profiles that aren't shown on either the All Profiles Page OR the Profiles by Country Page. And I've tried this several days and with specific searches. I know for a fact that one friend in France is on here, but she's not showing up on either of those pages, and it's only if by luck of the draw via the random profile button I'll find her (I haven't yet). This seems to be happening particularly with profiles that haven't logged in recently.

This isn't really fair to those people, as a number of reasons might stop them from logging in reguarlarly and having the coding/system recognise them. For a while, I wasn't seeing the list of USA members either, when I did the All Profiles By Country, but then it suddenly seems to work, so that bug seems to be fixed.

But apart from the random profile button and it being luck of the draw? Neither of the options to view all the profiles here are actually showing ALL the profiles.