Hi! Is it possible to have a list of all users, like the previous versions of the site had? Thanks for reading!

Hi cecilia1982 👋

I'll raise a ticket for discussion. I guess it's possible some people might want to be excluded from that list? But I do already have the toggles on the profile page which could be used to setup that exclusion.

Thanks for such a quick reply! Being able to choose to be excluded or included sounds like a good idea!

Hello ! I would love a list of all users, as it would allow us to identifiy the newbies (like the old version of SS did) and send them a welcoming letter.

We're currently hashing out what this will look like and how it will work, it's in the pipeline!

How about the ability to page through from page to page, ie, clicking a "next" button instead of/as well as "random profile." That was a very good function of the previous versions of SSN, so having that here this time around too would be awesome.

I loved this feature, too. One of the reasons it's not here is because the profiles are no longer numbered, so we'd have to decide what constituted "previous" and "next", although I would assume we'd want to go in date order of sign up.

Or alphabetically by username maybe?