My first sents have been received, yay! Can I get a number counter on my profile of how many pieces of (received) mail I have sent?

Hi Lena 👋

I've added this to the ticket backlog 😁

How many pieces sent and received/incoming would be awesome!

I wonder - how do people feel about knowing something is incoming?

Does knowing there is something coming spoil the surprise? 🎁

There'd be a different kind of anticipation of course, but I don't think I'd like to know who is sending something to me, it's part of the surprise! Maybe just show if anything is on the way to me, but not show numbers or names?

Thanks - will consider the options!

It is a little complex - for instance if someone commits to a send but never actually sends something, you don't want to be left hanging forever!

That's true. I'd prefer just having the completed mail stats then.