SendSomething is back! Welcome home, everyone!

We are still in Beta, but the website is up and running with full send/receive capabilities. There will be some possible design changes and additions. Plus, we have many features yet to come, some very, very interesting indeed!

Your most recent login from the website Laura launched in 2022 will no longer work, so you will need to create a new one (unless you found us already in Alpha). You will also have to rebuild your profile, but hopefully for the last time. The new S2 is built for speed, security, and longevity. Built on the latest web technologies by an experienced programmer, we have outgrown our hobbyist roots and aim to bring you a fantastic, rich experience while still maintaining our minimalist mindset.

We also have added the ability to support the website and the team behind it with subscriptions and one-off tips via Ko-fi.

You can keep it simple: make a profile, find others to send to (the random profile button is always there!), and wait for others to SendSomething to you. But we encourage you to dive in and see all the site has to offer.

If you have questions or problems, suggestions or praises, or just want to chat pay a visit to the new forums.